Here at Vista Pools, provide the necessary equipment to keep your pools and spas in top shape, including:

Pool Maintenance

The process of maintaining or preserving your pool and/or spa on a weekly basis.

Equipment Repair

Sometimes equipment can fail of whether down over time. The technicians at Vista Pools can help you repair or replace parts! Contact Us today!


Interested in updating the look of your current pool? Contact Us! We'd be more than happy to help!

Paver Installation & Repair

A pool paver refers to any regular type of paver that can be used specifically for the construction of an outdoor poolside area. Pool pavers can be arranged to compliment many types of design schemes because of their large variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

Acid Washing

Acid washing is also known as acid etching. It involves using muriatic acid to remove stains from concrete, preparing the surface for staining or creating designs for aesthetics.